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On the Road Wholesale



U.S. Route 66, also known as the Main Street of America, the Will Rogers Highway, or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways in the U.S. It connected Chicago to Santa Monica and passed down through Texas. At the time, Route 66 allowed the average person to travel farther than ever. The romanticism of the open road perpetuated the popularity of Route 66. Today, the highway is mostly designated as a National Scenic Byway. For many, Route 66 evokes feelings of nostalgia and the same romanticism of the open road.

Route 66 themed gifts and souvenirs are extremely popular not only along the scenic route but nationwide. Jeremy Hassenm saw that “there was a need in the souvenir market.” Route 66 products were in high demand, but people were struggling to find good quality and low prices.

“We started off in retail,” says Jeremy. “We just took a shot in the dark to see what works, and we found out that Route 66 was a way bigger deal than we ever anticipated.” So, four years ago, Jeremy started On the Road Wholesale, manufacturing his own Route 66 souvenirs. “I come from a design background,” says Jeremy. “I did that for many years before getting into wholesale.” So, all of On the Road’s products are meticulously and uniquely designed. Which “really adds perceived value to the customer,” says Jeremy.

“I grew up in Arizona, and have always been around Route 66. Now its morphed into a passion.” Every year, On the Road Wholesale designs at least 40 – 50 new products, offering sellers nationwide a diverse selection of Route 66 themed souvenirs. Signs and license plates are some of Jeremy’s best-selling categories, but On the Road Wholesale also has mugs, key chains, stickers, magnets, hats, patches, pins and more available.

Jeremy says On the Road products sell really well at “any swap meet, anything nostalgia related, at mom and pop shops, and flea markets. This is something that sells well not just along Route 66, but nationwide because it is Americana. We have many sellers on the East Coast who do well with this.” Jeremy continues, “Our products look good and they feel good. What it comes down to is everyone loves a piece of Americana”

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