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Trendsetter: Alexes Niekamp, Founder of Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio at The Prescott Gateway Mall

Name: Alexes Niekamp Facebook: Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio, Alexes Hannah Niekamp Instagram: @lessonsbylexedancestudio, @alexesniekamp

Website: Age: 27 City You live in: Prescott A typical day in my life includes…Coffee, making my bed, skin care, gym,social media, teaching dance classes, serving my community. I was born…In San Jose California and grew up in a single-parent household. My favorite thing about Arizona…SO MUCH! Sunsets, Weather, Culture, Outdoor Activities, Grand Canyon, Bearizona. I’m listening to…Podcasts and Music on the daily. My Family…Is so supportive. If I could have dinner with anyone it would be…Meghan Markle, I would love to know a lot more about her story of being in the spotlight, but holding true to her most authentic self. My first job was…Event Planning Assistant for Starstruck Event Planning this job taught me organization, people skills, instilled a different level of confidence, and encouraged me to apply my skills in turning visions into reality. My favorite escape…Going to Disneyland, It’s always such a fun reset. It’s amazing to be reminded of how something that was once just a drawing turned into something so big. My life…Is a blessing and I am so full of gratitude for the hard work I have put into my career path. I’m currently working on… Multiple projects; My growth within the Miss America Organization, growing my dance studio and the local non-profit theatre company I am associated with, traveling more. Always…Make my bed; it sets the tone for the day (and who wants to come home to an unmade bed?) Never…Underestimate the power of hard work, dedication and consistency to your passions. Favorite Quote…“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Biggest Dream… Become the state Representative for Arizona within the Miss America Organization and travel around Arizona establishing more arts programs and providing resources, while encouraging more of our youth to use their own passions to be the future leaders of our world. My Pet Peeve…When people chew with their mouths open.

Bio on yourself/company: Alexes (Lexe) Niekamp was born in Northern California and moved to Arizona at a young age, she takes pride in starting to dance at the ripe age of four years old, and being actively involved in theatre and her community as well. She is the owner of two local businesses Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio at Prescott Gateway Mall for 7 years and Quest Character Parties for 6 years. She also serves as a board member for a local non-profit theatre company; One Stage Family Theatre. Lexe just wrapped up her third year as the NAZ WRANGLERS IFL Pro-Dance Team Coach and is the current Miss Saguaro 2023 within the Miss America Organization and received 4th Runner Up at Miss Arizona. Her goal is to ensure that as our youth develop they have access to the world of arts, because while growing up the arts was always her outlet. She started an all-inclusive dance studio at the age of 19 years old, working and going to college full time. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Applied Human Behavior and holds certificates in Community Development & Sustainability, Dance Medicine, Entrepreneurship, and Service Industry Management. Her dance studio provides scholarships for young dancers which is something she holds very close to her heart. With the courage of a lion she gives so much of herself to her community and encourages all to apply themselves in the arts world to keep confidence instilled in all generations to come. Arts is a universal language; it’s important for us to come together to self-express and make this world a better place.


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